About/Why this site was created

There are many other reasons I created this site and forum: 

1>I've spent many years researching this topic and experimenting with what works and what doesn't on myself. I want to share what worked for me in the hope that I spare many people the frustration I had to go through due to the complexity of hormone imbalance. I understand that what might work for me might not work for you, but I know most people will get frustrated and determined eventually and will try anything within reason when all other options have been exhausted. In cases of people that have taken medication which doesn't help or causes more problems you have alternatives to try which just might help! Also focusing on people who have a low tolerance for medications to begin with like I have and need some help on how to approach this. 

What worked against me is that it took so long to figure out what to do on my own since the focus was too much on the symptoms and not on the underlying factors. Also, working against me was the fact that I have no medical degree, so I basically had to learn everything from scratch about how the body works, endocrinology, etc. Now I know more than I ever wanted to know about my body and so far it's been fascinating, but not for the faint-hearted! ;-)

Once I started the diet and exercise program I started noticing an improvement and most of my symptoms diminished quite a bit. Of course I will have occasional "flare-ups" of mood swings, trouble focusing and the like, but they now occur much less frequently and to me that's much better than having them almost daily like before! 

2>To act as a support group and offer encouragement for those who need it.

I don't want anyone else to have the feeling of being alone, helpless and back to the wall since many doctors do not know about the many aspects of hormone imbalance and medication is mostly the only option you are faced with when diagnosed with hormone imbalance. I've found that the medication approach seems to make matters worse for many people based on my research since it really only masks the problems. Irregardless, medication is a last resort if diet and exercise does not work which is probably based on the severity of the imbalance since I found that diet and exercise does improve things if done correctly.

There's nothing worse than being left to deal with it on your own with almost no help whatsoever due to most doctors not having the time, experience, etc. in finding ways to help without medication. The other bigger problem I'm finding is that everyone's body is different, so a doctor can't really say "Try this diet and exercise" since it might or might not work for you-not to mention figuring out which diet is for you since there are a lot of them! I decided to try Paleo and in the process of doing Paleo, (about 80% based-since I don't believe in doing 100% due to the dangers of that), I've found that my IBS has become almost nonexistant as well. Sometimes you might be able to get clues based on evaluating your diagnosis/symptoms/lab results and put it all together that way. However there are many sneaky underlying factors as well as I've found recently and noted under Cause/Effect theories that can mimic symptoms as well. Those are what I've discovered so far and I'm sure I'll find more relationships as time goes on and will add to it. There might be something to the theories or there might not be-only time will tell.

3>I want to raise awareness of this complex health issue which is affecting many people from all walks of life and hopefully educate patients and even doctors on some aspects that might not be obvious. I'm learning something almost every day about this myself, but if I can help others get balanced/improve symptoms with my site/forum that would be awesome! :-)