Current diet as of June 2018-Current

Now that I have been at my ideal weight of 114-116 for the last 1/2 year, I'm relaxing my diet and eating more things I like, but in moderation and with food sensitivities in mind. I also had cut out most meat except chicken and fish. I will have 1-2 times a month red meat. Since doing this diet my cholesterol dropped about 40 points!

Have small breakfast, lunch and larger dinners with anything I have a taste for. Find winter harder to get away with less food, but found that adding some pancakes and pasta helps with keeping full better.

-Lean Protein Shake and any one of these:

-1/2 cup peaches

-Irish Oatmeal (a few spoonfuls)

-Gerber Baby Food once in awhile (oatmeal)

-Scrambled eggs, bacon and cup of hash browns (sometimes, but mostly have for dinner)

-Few bite size pretzels

-1/2 cup Total cereal with Fairlife milk


Any of these:

-1/2 cup of nuts (peanuts, walnuts,almonds and sunflower seeds) with a piece of dark chocolate. Have one Brazillian nut once a week.

-1/2 cup Total cereal with Fairlife milk

-a few pieces of herring

-occasional doughnut. Don't ask...but it really hits the spot. ;-)

Dinner (any one of these meals)

-Boiled cabbage with 2 cloves garlic and chicken sausage. Sometimes Tabasco sauce and sometimes 1/2 cup macaroni

-Kidney beans with bacon and applesauce

-Kale with bacon and Idaho potatoes

-Scrambled eggs, bacon and cup of hash browns

-Loose leaf lettuce and Idaho potatoes

-4 eggrolls (vegetable and pork) once a month (stopped recently since it seemed to increase acne and oily skin/hair).

-1/2 large pizza or one small pizza (once a month)

-Tilapia fish salad

-Wild salmon with broccoli or in a salad

-Protein pancakes (1/2 cup batter)

-Pasta Salad with olives and roasted red peppers


Various meal plans I followed in the past

Jan 2017 (Had to cut my carbs even lower to 50-100g/carbs a day):


1 cup Cheerios

1/2 cup Fairlife 2% milk



1 Tbspn Skippy Natural Peanut Butter


Very varied with mixture of homemade meals (twice a week) and fast food:

Homemade Spaghetti dinner
-1 lb Sirloin Beef
-1 tbspn Cortina tomato paste/sauce

-2 cloves of garlic

-1 cup mixed peppers (yellow, red, orange and green)


Homemade Cabbage dinner

-1 lb Italian sausages

4-8 oz boiled green cabbage

-2 cloves of garlic

-Sometimes Tabasco sauce

-Sometimes 1/2 cup macaroni


Max Arby's sandwich


House rack of ribs with broccoli and fries


Sauteed whitefish with fries and applesauce


1/2 Subway Cold Cut Combo


4 eggs

2 strips bacon


Chicken/Beef fajitas with peppers and cheese



Apple or Banana and sometimes blueberries

1 tablespoon Skippy Natural Super Chunk as of Sept 2015.

1/2 cup Fairlife® 2% milk sometimes with 1/2 pack Carnation®

2-3 Scrambled eggs

2 strips bacon from local Meat Market

1 1/4 cups Ore-Ida Hash Browns


Discontinued these foods for Breakfast

1/2 cup Bolthouse Farms® Shake (Stopped as of Nov 2015)

1/2 Tropicana® Orange Juice with Calcium and Vitamin D (Once in awhile) Mostly have the milk now.

1 tablespoon Peter Pan® peanut butter (low sugar and no high fructose corn syrup).


1/2 cup Nature Valley® protein granola w/almonds, sunflower seeds and a few walnuts sometimes

1/2 container Myoplex® protein shake (M-W-F)


Pickled herring
Antipasta toast
Handful of almonds
A piece of dark chocolate 70-100% (sometimes)


Piece of Smoked salmon (sometimes)

Handful of almonds
Some Spinach (sometimes)

Starkist Selects® Tuna fish (olive oil and omega 3) "sandwich" using round saltine crackers instead of bread.

Discontinued these foods for Lunch

Powerful Yogurt® Greek Yogurt (M-W-F) (Stopped as of Nov 2015)

Fiber One Fiber Bar (Stopped as of Nov 2015)

Home made shrimp quesadilla with small shrimp and cheese on Don Pancho® (Has Omega 3 and Safflower Oil) wraps. Sometimes will add crab. (Stopped as of Nov 2015)

Dinner (most varied can consist of any of the following):

Home made spaghetti with 2 sirloin beef patties, red, orange, yellow and green peppers, some tomato paste and 1/2 cup of organic angelhair noodles. Have once a week.


Home made Cabbage with sausage and 1/2 cup macaroni.
Homemade fajitas with chicken and /or beef along with red, orange, yellow and green peppers and cheese.


6 oz salmon and spinach salad
2 Turkey pattie sandwich with Don Pancho® (Omega 3 and Safflower Oil) wrap.


1/2 cup organic angelhair pasta with 1 can of chicken breast and shrimp.


1/2 cup white rice, some cream of chicken and a chicken breast.


1 bag of mixed vegetables (Broccoli,Carrots,sugar snap peas and water chesnuts).

1/2 cup rice

Some Cream of Chicken for sauce


Discontinued these foods for Dinner

Home made shrimp quesadilla with small shrimp and cheese on Don Pancho® (Has Omega 3 and Safflower Oil) wraps. Sometimes will add crab. (Stopped as of Nov 2015)

Home made Chicken and/or beef quesadilla with chicken, red, orange, yellow and green peppers, cheese and Don Pancho® (Has Omega 3 and Safflower Oil) wraps. (Stopped as of Nov 2015)

"Fillers between meals"

Handful of almonds


Danish Cookie

1/2 cup La Choy Chow Mein Noodles

1-2 times a week-Morale booster meals

-Steak and chicken fajitas or crab quesadilla at a Mexican restaurant

-Atlantic Whitefish dinner, 1/2 order fries and fresh homemade applesauce at local fish restaurant.

-Subway cold cut combo

- Max Arby's Roast Beef sandwich

-Red Baron/Little Caesar's pizza (1/2! of the large thin crust pepperoni). I love pizza and my body really finds it a treat.

-McDonald's hamburger and med/large fries with chocolate chip cookies (Once a month)

-Orange chicken with steamed broccoli Chinese food with one egg roll (Infrequently)

In the past I ate a small breakfast, lunch and large dinner with noticable improvement in terms of weight loss using the Paleo diet due to estrogen dominance issues.

I continue to do the Paleo diet and have included carb-cycling in an attempt to build more muscle. I now eat a small breakfast, lunch and dinner with one "really shouldn't have this meal" a week for dinner to keep my morale up. I'm still around the 1200 calorie range and for some weird reason, my body seems happier eating less like this. I've dropped down to 110 lbs at one point, but didn't stay there long. I'm now at 116 lbs and have been holding pretty steady there the last 2 months (july and August 2015)..

At this time, I'm really having trouble finding "filling" foods to keep my weight steady since I've been really minimizing rice,  potatoes and pasta recently which has really seemed to help. I've tried Quinoa, but it upsets my colon. I'm avoiding foods that have ingredients causing me problems in one form or another, (like soy, high fructose corn syrup, honey or spices like paprika and garlic). I'm starting to eat more estrogen based foods except soy due since my last bloodwork which showed low, but normal levels of estrogen and want to bump it up a bit. I've recently cut the wheat crackers due to the fact that wheat seems to cut estrogen based on my research.


As of Nov 2015

Because of the limitations of exercise since Nov 2015, I've changed my diet to eat a small healthy breakfast and a small lunch and a "free-for-all" dinner with small snacks of various "healthiness" in between to tie me over. Trying to limit how much I eat since I can't exercise as much to even things out so to speak. I am noticing more of my abs and toned muscles, but I think the therapy exercises are helping with that more now.